Single cell RNA-seq cluster data visualizer

Single-Cell Embroider is a software for visualizing spatial transcriptomics developed by Matlab environment. The software consist of a graphical user interface and intuitive control panels thus can help researchers interpret the spatial localization of their single-cell RNA sequencing data without understanding the complex data structure.

The scEmbroider has four unique features: multi-gene selection, color-coded data distribution, spatial visualization and gene expression analysis. These functions allow users to easily visualize scRNA-seq cluster data on user-defined images, figures, or cartoons. To load new data in the software, a series of data (i.e., list of genes, sub-clustering information, distribution mapping, and gene expression matrix) is required from the Seurat package on R.

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The scEmbroider consists of user-friendly control panels that allows users to visualize the loaded data without any additional programming. To make the software more accessible, it was complied for both Windows and Mac operating systems. The software can be downloaded here.